Structural Silicone Glazing (SSG)is the use of specific silicones to bond glass and metal panels to a structure, via a metal sub frame, without mechanical fixation.

An SSG system can be designed to withstand live loads (wind load, line loads) and in some cases dead loads (weight of panel and imposed loadings). Current systems in use include 4 sided and 2 sided.

A silicone bonded system provides unsurpassed weather-ability and UV resistance.Silicone has excellent levels of adhesion, movement capability and a wide service temperature (from -40 to +150 degrees C).The silicone itself is also able to resist wind load, dead load and thermal dilation. (SSG) offers almost unlimited design versatility and has transformed the skyline of cities across the world in the last two decades.

In short SSG has opened new avenues for architects and fa├žade designers to demonstrate the potential of glass.

Examples of our recent SSG work in Hamilton can be found at Ebbett Audi in Hamilton East, or Jim Wright Nissan in Te Rapa. We also used SSG techniques at the Novotel Hotel in New Plymouth.

Contact us today to discuss the possibilities with structural silicone glazing.

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